i hurt you today

i’m sorry.

i didn’t mean to hurt you by embarrassing you. i just wanted to share to my friends, strangers to you, the joy i feel when you act silly when you’re with me. 

you said you “got looks.” 

i was told growing up to get over it. to laugh it off. to not be so sensitive. time and my family has sharpened my tongue to a razor that can cut or smoothen on a whim. 

i don’t know when my words will cut too deep, and i’m sorry you were hurt in the process. 

but do not boast of your armor and praise my savage wit without knowing that no person is safe from my words. i will remember how you reacted and reflect on my error of not considering your feelings, but you should remember that life isn’t real if it’s a perfect combination of only nice, pleasant things. 

i’m not nice. and you’re not as tough as you say. we both learned some things today. 


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