So you’ve arrived here, on my personal blog. This space really isn’t meant for an audience but if I take the time to give words life, then they should be allowed to live, yes? The words digitally inked here are more so for my own sanity to be quite honest. I often get very wrapped up in my own head, analyzing and doubting and wishfully dreaming and all the small stages in between. Sounds like quite the hurricane, right?

The mind is a tricky thing, but everyone is their own little hurricane: a complete mess ever-changing and evolving, growing stronger and weaker whichever way the winds of life blow them; hoping that when they crash into another hurricane, each will be strong enough to join together at the center. The eye of the hurricane is the place deep within the storm that holds total, utter serenity, a sight unseen to anyone who runs away at the first glance of a little rough weather. But here, on this page, is mostly the eye of my own little hurricane. Things might get a bit tumultuous, or wet, or destroyed along the way, but I hope you remain with me to explore the beauty in my eye.

Click around, explore, and if you ever see me in person, please be gentle if you bring up anything you see here in conversation with me. ^-^