one of my 2017 new years resolutions was to journal every week, so here i am on a Sunday journaling. my goal was to write about my emotions or observations about my life once a month but i feel like this site helps me to journal more frequently and consistently, even though the content might be shorter or not as reflective. it’s nice to have something to look back on. 

the downside is that whenever i spend time blogging here, i don’t want to do the academic work on my other blog. this space is so creative and freeing. reading for homework and writing for papers pales in comparison to ranting about them (: 

on the upside, i can look back and remember things i normally wouldn’t. like how yesterday i went to Little Tokyo for a food tour with NSU. it was so nice to be with nice people and just talk around a table of food. they help fill that hole of family homesickness for sure. i also bought part of Madi’s (my sister) birthday gift which i think she’ll really like. i bought panda cookies for my roommates and the guy i’m (still) crushing on (but trying not to). for as much time i spend with words on the daily, i really need to work on verbally expressing my sentiments to people i care about rather than buying them small things and doing other small deeds. maybe that’s another resolution? 


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