the ship sails away

i’ve resolved to let go of the dream of you. what a magnificent pairing we could have been, were we not ships passing each other by at too much of a distance to collide head on. i lack the momentum to deliver myself to you. 

though it saddens me to watch you pass me by, i find comfort in believing that if we were meant to sail together, the the sea would have made it so. and who is to say, the current won’t change? maybe in a few moons the tide will carry you back to me, this time with your heart aboard your ship instead of locked away at a safe house in a place i know not and will never know lest you gift me the map.

for now, i am protecting my own heart before pursuing yours. it seems that yours is not available for the taking, sir. what a shame, for mine is. if only i’d seen a signed flag, i’d have known sooner to let you go rather than to slow myself down for you. 

here is to moving past you, in whatever capacity the sea allows me. 


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