i cannot handle the tremors in my heart

I’ve never been in this position before with another person, let alone a new friend I met only five months ago. I don’t even know you. But, my God, I want to know you. I want to hear every childhood story, every confused thought, every hidden fear. you shared a small piece of your past with me (and the rest of the internet because it was on a public website after all) and I’ve never felt so scared in my life. frightened out of my mind because this is the exact situation I find myself in every time I see you. you give me a glimpse into your hurricane’s eye and I can feel myself being so, so willingly taken away by your currents until I wonder if this is what you do with everyone,
or if… I am special.
I want to be special to you. I know I’m special because I can see my own storm’s beauty, but can you see it too? Let me feel all you have to offer. I’ve never minded getting a little wet in the rain.


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